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About us...

After 22 years in the business Layer 1 retouching was started 14 years ago. I've work directly for photographers/advertising agencies and companies themselves.

Things have changed. I would still love to use what I've learnt over the years, but now in a way to promote good things. Products and services still need to be promoted and advertised and hopefully still with craft and beauty.

Is there a place for honesty within the advertising industry? I’ve worked within it for 25 years. I’ve enjoyed the work and the people I’ve met. But over the last few years I’ve seen it become a hostile place for anyone who its not on board with the collective liberal views. If you mentioned that you believed the UK should leave Europe you could loose work or clients. Which I have. If you dare to say that Trump seems to care about America then you could be hated. I don’t see it as political, I see it as truth vs untruth. So as a retouching company I can no longer be a part of this. I would like to offer our services to companies that want what is best for the world. Not just pandering to social pressure or political correctness.. I will not work for Big Pharma, or huge corporations with a globalist agenda. We have in the past but no longer. We strongly believe in free speech. We want the good honest companies with a core of wanting to provide work, jobs and security for its employees and produce great products and services to their clients. So whether you are a large company or small start up with good core values, hopefully we could work together to create something new.


If you feel we may be a good fit for your company then please get in touch.

Stephen Rochford (Director)


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